Changes Affecting June & July Appointments

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This post covers upcoming changes to Karori Chiropractic and how they will impact our services in the near future.
The changes will affect appointments in June and July, so please read on if you plan on booking in over the next two months.

The Clinic Has Moved!

From June 27th, Karori Chiropractic will be operating out of a new location.
We are still located within Marsden Village in Karori, a short distance from the old clinic’s spot. The address is on the other side of the road at 156B Karori Road, where we share an entrance with The Powerhouse Café and Madison Rose.

New Location Map

Baby Related Upcoming Closure

My wife and I are expecting to become parents in early July!

Timing a baby’s arrival or predicting if things will go smoothly is difficult. I currently have the first 2 weeks of July blocked out in the clinic’s system, but these times have a good chance of changing.
The situation is fluid, so please be aware that any appointments made in June or July may be canceled at short notice. I will try to keep these cancellations to a minimum, while also contacting all who are affected as soon as possible. I’ll update the website accordingly.

My apologies in advance to those who are affected by this little disruption.