Wellington Headache Treatment

With over 100 known causes of headaches, it can be hard to know which treatment to seek out.

A highly cited study found that spinal manipulation is an effective form of treatment for cervicogenic headaches and migraines in adults.

Manipulative therapy may also affect the most common type of headache, tension type headaches. A systematic review concluded that “the results suggest patients with TTH receiving manual therapies showed better progress than those receiving conventional treatment or placebo”. However effectiveness could not be assessed and further studies were needed.

It is theorised that these headaches are a result of an issue arising from the sensory information coming from the structures within the neck.

For more information, read our blog post: Evidence For Chiropractic Headache Treatment.

In our experience, headaches are often multifaceted and what works for some people doesn’t work for others. Many of those who visit our clinic have experienced relief from their headaches, sometimes almost instantly.

If you are suffering from headaches, try out Karori Chiropractic – Wellington’s evidence-based chiropractor.

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Signs & Symptoms

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Signs & symptoms that indicate you headache may be coming from your neck:

  • Pain in the neck felt radiating around the head
  • Tight and sore muscles felt around the base of the skull
  • Pressure on the upper neck muscles affect the headache severity
  • History of a recent neck injury
  • Pain aggravated with neck movement
  • Limited neck range of motion