“Simple Stretch Ends Years Of Back Pain”

I stumbled across an ad on a popular website that had an image of a women stretching and the following text: "Chiropractors Baffled: Simple Stretch Ends Years Of Back Pain"  I just had to click on it. If just one stretch could do this, I might be out of [...]

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Evidence For Chiropractic Headache Treatment

Whether they are mildly annoying or severely debilitating, headaches are never a welcome addition to anyone’s day. Statistically speaking, nearly half of Wellington’s adult population will likely suffer from a headache this year, with around 11% having a migraine. There are over 100 types of headache classifications, each with [...]

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Looking for a Chiropractor in Wellington? Karori Chiropractic is offering first-time visitors a special online discount: Mention our “online discount” during your first visit and receive 20% off our normal price. This discount can also be applied to our reduced prices for students, seniors and [...]


Karori Golf Club Members Discount

Karori Chiropractic is now offering all current Karori Golf Club members 20% off all appointments! This includes a 20% discount on all visits that are already reduced due to ACC cover or if you are a senior or student. See our prices for more information. Simply bring your membership [...]

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Stop Back Pain Before It Starts

Back pain is a growing issue in modern society and is one of the most common reasons for taking time off work. There are many causes of back pain but there are things that can be done to help prevent the pain from developing in the first place. By following our simple [...]

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