Wellington Chiropractor For Injuries & ACC

At Karori Chiropractic we are registered ACC providers.

If you have recently been hurt in an accident, you may be eligible for reduced treatment fees under the cover of ACC. Chiropractic treatment is covered for a number of injuries including sprains, disc injuries, whiplash, sciatica and knee injuries.

The injuries must be assessed by the chiropractor and reviewed by ACC for approval. Once approved you will be covered for a certain amount of visits within a year of the injury date. With the same claim, you can also seek out further treatment with other health care providers.

You may already be covered if you opened a claim with a different health professional within the last year. Give us a call with the details and we can check!

Find out more about ACC claims here. The appropriate forms can be filled out at our clinic and you can receive treatment right away, no medical referral is necessary.

If you are after thorough treatment for your injury, try out Karori Chiropractic – Wellington’s evidence-based chiropractor.

Injury & ACC
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Our Prices

Appointment Type Normal Price With ACC
First Visit $95 $50
Regular Visit $55 $35
Quick Click $35 $25
First Visit – aged 23 & under $75 $35
Regular Visit – aged 23 & under $45 $30
Quick Click – aged 23 & under $30 $20