Unique Heat Bags

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  • NZ made cotton heat bags
  • Unique designs, with or without lavender
  • Use for heat therapy on aches and sore muscles
  • Perfect as a gift
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Made in New Zealand using jasmine rice and locally grown lavender.

2 pouch design to mold to different areas of the body.

Soft cotton material with a variety of designs to choose from.

Use on aches, pains and sore muscles or as an alternative to a hot water bottle.

Measures roughly 33cm long, 17cm wide and 3 cm high.

* ribbons & strings may vary from the product photo

Always follow the heating instructions and read the safety section before use.

Additional information

Heating Instructions

Heat for 1-2 minutes in the microwave with a cup of water to prevent drying out. Heating times may vary due to differences in microwave wattage. Do not over-heat.


Always follow the heating instructions.
Do not leave the bag unattended when microwaving or if placed on a combustible surface once heated.
Only reheat the bag once it has completely cooled.
If you smell an over-cooked or burnt odor after heating the bag, leave the bag to sit on a non-combustible material for 1 hour. Once completely cooled, dispose of the heat bag and do not use it again.
We recommend replacing wheat bags once a year. The filler material can dry out, becoming less effective and increasing fire risk.

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