Thumper Mini Pro – Handheld Massager

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  • Deep tissue percussion massager for relief of pain and muscle tension.
  • High, medium or low speed settings to meet your massaging needs.
  • Dual massaging heads to target more areas at once.
  • Powerful 25 Watt motor offering a unique, deeper massage experience.
  • Made in Canada, built to last.
  • 2 year warranty.

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Thumper has a reputation for producing high quality massaging devices and the Mini Pro handheld massager is no exception. This is the third iteration of the Mini-Pro, bringing years of expertise and the latest technology together for an even greater massaging experience.

This device is a percussive massager with a 6mm depth of stroke.  A percussive massager ensures that deeper tissues get the full effect. This is in contrast with the more common vibrational massagers which only vibrate the surface tissues. The two massaging heads allows more area to be worked on at once, resulting in a very relaxing massage.

The Mino Pro has a power rating of 25 Watts, stronger than most other handheld massagers. The settings can be changed to best suit your comfort levels. There are three options: 20, 30 and 40 pulses per second. The motor controller incorporates speed feedback logic, maintaining the selected massage speed even as more load is applied.

This massager is ergonomically designed, having a purpose-built long handle to get to all of those hard to reach areas. The Mini Pro is relatively lightweight at 1.4kg and it’s power cord is 3.65 meters long, giving you plenty of room and versatility. It is also designed to operate best under its own weight, therefore no extra pressure is required for the optimal experience.

Thumper massagers are built to last, being designed and manufactured in Canada. You can purchase with confidence knowing that there is a 2 year warranty (see Additional Information) for defects or breakdowns so long as the device has been used responsibly.

The Mini Pro is suitable for all major muscle areas and offers a massage like no other.

Want to view it in person before deciding to make a purchase? Call us on (04) 476 3230 and we’ll arrange a time for you to come by our Karori clinic to see the device in action.

Additional information

Model name

Thumper Mini Pro




Approximately 410(L) x 160(W) x 130(H) mm

Weight (gross)

1.4 kg

Power supply

Cable length: approx. 3.65 metres (12 foot). Voltage: 240V Frequency: 50Hz. Power consumption: 25W, NZ 3 Pin Plug

Percussion Details

20, 30 or 40 pulses per second. Depth of 6mm.

Auto Slow Down / Shut Off

The overload safety system will diminish power supply or shut down the device if too much load is put on the motor.
The over-temperature safety system will shut down the device if high temperatures are detected.
The device is intended to be used for a maximum of 20 minutes. Ensure a 20 minute cooling period after use.


Electric massagers should not be used on the neck and should be avoided if you have certain health conditions. Please read the instruction manual before use.


In case of breakdown or damage please call us on (04) 476 3230. Thumper Massager Inc. warrants any Thumper® product to the original purchaser against defective materials or workmanship for normal use and service: For a period of 2 years from the original purchase date. This Thumper Massager product warranty does not apply to any item, which has (i) been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident or abuse; (ii) been wired, repaired or altered by anyone other than Thumper Massager Inc.; (iii) been improperly installed, stored, handled or maintained by anyone other than Thumper Massager Inc; (iv) not been used in accordance with the instructional booklet provided; (v) been subject to abnormal electrical voltages or currents or other abnormal environmental conditions; (vi) had its serial number(s) or dating altered or removed; or (vii) does not apply to expendable components such as fuses, drives, motor brushes and the like.

To obtain warranty service on your Thumper product, manufactured by Thumper Massager Inc. please contact our office prior to shipping for further warranty instructions. Your Thumper product will be repaired, adjusted and/or replaced, as Thumper Massager considers appropriate; your Thumper product must be returned for service along with proof of purchase showing purchase date. Units returned without proof of purchase will be repaired at service rates in effect at time of return. In event that the unit is replaced, the replacement unit will continue to have a warranty for the balance of the warranty term applicable to the original unit. When returning your Thumper product to the manufacturer under this Product warranty, purchaser must pre-pay shipping charges (inbound and outbound).

In case of manufacturing defect, Thumper Massager Inc. will cover shipping expenses inbound and outbound for the first 90 days after purchase, up to a limit of $20 each way.

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