Hot/Cold Pack – Green Cross

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  • Reusable pack for both hot or cold therapy
  • Smooth fabric exterior and a gel interior
  • Approx. 28 x 13cm

In stock



Green Cross Hot/Cold Packs are ideal for many therapeutic needs.

Use it for cold therapy to reduce swelling, combat fever, calm recent soft tissue injuries and limit inflammation. Use it for heat therapy to soothe tight muscles, ease muscle aches, aid in injury recovery and help menstrual cramps.

Its durable, yet soft fabric exterior allows for a comfortable application and long lasting re-usability.  The packs active ingredients are water and glycerol which permits flexibility, allowing it to mold to the site of application.

Can be applied cool after storing in a freezer, or hot via microwave or hot water.

Always read the label first and use as directed.


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