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About The Clinic

running girlKarori Chiropractic’s goal is to provide thorough and effective care at competitive prices.

Your treatment will be individually tailored to suit your specific needs. We aim to get you back on your feet as soon as possible while giving lifestyle, posture, exercise and stretching advice to improve your general health. The appointments are designed to allow enough time for a thorough look into all of your areas of concern. The treatment approach can be altered to ensure you are always within your comfort levels; customer satisfaction is important to us.

At Karori Chiropractic we base our methods, techniques and advice on the latest trusted research. Honesty is a core part of the clinic; you will only be advised to have additional appointments if it is likely to help you reach your goals. Otherwise we will recommend other healthcare options that may be more beneficial.

We are registered ACC providers, permitting cover for certain injuries. You do not need a medical referral to receive chiropractic treatment and all individuals are welcome to experience this form of healthcare. You can also receive treatment if you have no symptoms, chiropractic can provide more than just pain relief.

Ben O’Donnell is Karori Chiropractic’s chiropractor, find out more about him here. If you are still on the fence about the treatment or have some questions or concerns, Ben will be happy to have a chat. You can get in touch through the contact page or call today on (04) 476 3230.

What To Expect

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On your first visit:

After arriving and filling out some paperwork, the chiropractor will inquire about your general health and the area/s of complaint to get a fuller picture of what is going on. Then comes the physical exam which may include; postural analysis, spinal range of motion, neurological and orthopaedic testing.

The above process will help to determine the cause of your issue/s, the best treatment options and whether further examinations are required (such as spinal x-rays). If chiropractic treatment is determined to be safe and likely to be beneficial, we move forward to the spinal analysis.

The spinal analysis involves analysing the muscles and soft tissues associated with your spine and assessing how the individual bones move and function. You remain clothed and usually lay face down on our specialised tables.

Using the analysis findings, the chiropractor determines areas of spinal dysfunction and required adjustments. You are explained the techniques available and are given the choice of treatment. Areas of dysfunction are adjusted and then re-checked to ensure all areas have improved.

Finally, exercises, stretches and ergonomic changes could be recommended. Health and/or lifestyle advice may be given to improve your symptoms and general wellbeing. We also advise how long symptoms may be expected to last and when a follow up appointment is recommended.

This appointment will take roughly 40-50 minutes.

Regular visit:

On arrival, the chiropractor reviews your condition, answers your queries and investigates any new areas of concern you may have.

Depending on the complaint and previous findings, parts of the physical exam may be repeated. This could include posture analysis, spinal motion, neurological or orthopaedic testing. If required, X-ray films will be examined and findings interpreted.

The spinal analysis and adjusting process is repeated. Personalised advice will be given to allow you the best results.

This appointment will take roughly 20-30 minutes.

Techniques Used

Chiropractors use multiple techniques to treat areas of dysfunction within your spine and other joints of your body. Learn more about chiropractic here.

The following techniques are used at Karori Chiropractic:

Diversified – The most common technique used by chiropractors worldwide. This technique involves the use of the chiropractors hands to adjust (another term for manipulate) the joints of your spine. Various positions, forces and directions are used during adjustments, depending on where the dysfunction lies and your unique structure. A quick, small and specific thrust is applied through the chiropractors hands to the dysfunctional joint in your spine.

Thompson – A specially designed table is used to assist in the adjustment. To adjust, the drop piece under the corresponding area of dysfunction is raised, set to a specific tension and a quick, small and specific thrust is applied to the dysfunctional joint, causing the table piece below to drop suddenly. While this may sound extreme, the drop is approximately 1cm in height. In fact, many people prefer this technique as the forces involved can be lighter.

Activator – A device is used to apply the adjustment instead of the chiropractors hands. The device applies a quick, small mechanical force. The force output is varied depending on your comfort levels and the spinal area. The activator device is commonly used as an alternative to the more forceful techniques, especially for the young or old.

Gonstead – A technique similar to Diversified however, it uses different body positions and directions of force.

Flexion-distraction – Not a manipulative technique however it can be very helpful for lower back conditions. A special table is required allowing lower lumber flexion and a unique stretch of the soft tissues within your lower back, difficult to achieve yourself. This type of stretching can have many benefits.

Extremity Adjusting – We are trained to assess and adjust most major joints in your body outside of the spine.

Upper Cervical Toggle – Not commonly utilised at Karori Chiropractic but it can be useful for upper neck dysfunction if required.


Appointment TypeNormal PriceWith ACC
First Visit$90$45
Regular Visit$50$30
Senior or Student First Visit$70$30
Senior or Student Regular Visit$40$20